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Water Resources

About our service

About our service

They are surface or groundwater that are available for any type of use. Some of the sciences that are part of this field are Hydrology, which studies the occurrence, distribution and movement of water on the planet, Hydraulics, which deals with the flow and transport of fluids, especially water, and Hydrogeology, which studies the groundwater concerning its movement, volume, distribution and quality.

The problems arising from the increasing use of water resources require the assessment of the problem from the point of view of engineering works as well as the use of these from the perspective of sustainability.


We provide the following services related to water resources:

Hydrological studies

  • Consistency analysis of hydrological data
  • Rainfall frequency studies
  • Watersheds characterization
  • Analysis of water availability in watersheds

  • Water balance studies through AcquaTailings® software
  • Hydrograph preparation and flood studies
  • Optimization of reservoirs and definition of operational rules

Studies and Projects of Hydraulic Systems

  • Spillways and overflow channels
  • Channels, tunnels and galleries
  • Reservoirs

  • Flood control systems
  • Rainwater drainage systems

Hydrodynamic modeling

  • Flood propagation studies in rivers and reservoirs

  • Studies of hypothetical failure of earth and concrete dams ("Dam Break")


  • Favorability analysis for groundwater exploration
  • Conceptual, basic and executive design of catchment systems

  • Monitoring the groundwater quality
  • Quantitative and qualitative numerical modeling


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