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Technical Fieldworks

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About our service

Technical Fieldworks (ATO) is extremely important and necessary to achieve a maximum quality standard in the implementation of construction services.

The ATO is the "eye of the designer in the field". Its main assignment is to verify if the works are being carried out according to the executive design and to point out possible deviations. Therefore he is able to clarify any doubt about the project during the construction. He must provide full and unrestricted technical support to engineers and other field professionals during the works.

In addition, it is very common to make modifications to the designs during the execution of the works due to "surprises" that could not be identified in the executive design stage, such as water table in a position different from that identified in the surveys, geological faults, presence of rocks or soft ground, etc. The size and complexity of these works do not allow all situations to be predicted and identified in the design. Therefore, occurrences such as these require the presence of an experienced professional in construction, so as to identify and understand the situation in the field, make quick contact with the design team and propose quick solutions to the problems encountered. This avoids delays and additional costs with reworking and occasionally with the team and stationary equipment.

We provide the following services related to the ATO:

Field Support

  • Verification of construction adherence to the executive design
  • Verification of any non-conformities in construction
  • Participation in follow-up and planning meetings
  • Verification of Work Safety and Environmental requirements

  • Propose solutions in case of unforeseen events and / or interference
  • Authorization of possible design changes
  • Issue of periodic progress reports of works

Other related Services

  • Preparation and updating of physical and financial schedules
  • Topographical works
  • Compaction control through field and laboratory tests



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