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About our service

It is the science that deals with the acquisition, interpretation and use of the properties of the earth's crust materials and also the assessment of the use of terrestrial materials for the solution of engineering problems. It aims to predict the behavior of the soil and the various materials that compose it. There should not be any construction without a previous geotechnical study.

Geotechnics covers the areas of Soil Mechanics and Rock Mechanics, as well as aspects of Geology, Geophysics and related sciences.

We provide the following services related to Geotechnics:

Geological and Geotechnical Studies and Projects:

  • Field geological-structural mapping
  • Advice in carrying out geological-geotechnical investigations and field and laboratory tests
  • Slopes and embankments stability analyses
  • Studies of densification and prediction of settlements
  • Flow analysis

  • Landfill design on soft soils
  • Design of waste stockpiles
  • Design of earthmoving works
  • Studies to define the geometry of mine pit
  • Numerical modeling in geotechnics

Mining Tailings Storage Systems

  • Tailings characterization
  • Studies of storage alternatives (drained stacks, exhausted pits, paste and dry stack)
  • Studies of static and dynamic liquefaction potential

  • Design of lined tanks for hazardous waste
  • Elaboration of Closure Plans for dams and stockpiles

Earth Fill and Rockfill Dams for Water and Tailings

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Conceptual, basic and executive designs

  • Stages raising and planning studies using AcquaTailings® software
  • Instrumentation and auscultation system designs

Slopes Stabilization

  • Stability analyses and slope monitoring
  • Slope stabilization designs (cable-stayed curtains, soil nailing, restraints, retaining walls, dynamic barriers, etc.)

  • Containment design in reinforced soil (geosynthetics, metal strips, segmental blocks, etc.)


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